UKJester's "Undated Internet Content" Rant

Okay, not all Internet content is time-relevant.
Most artistic or creative content (art, paintings, music, poems etc. etc.) is not tied to the time it was created, but some things are.

Factual information is only 'currently' factual and very often we find what was once true, no longer is.

A fictional example:

Dave was my best mate and had been since childhood. I wrote lots of blog posts about how Dave was my best mate. I just found out that Dave slept with my wife and now he isn't my best mate. All those blog posts are now incorrect and possibly misleading. Anyone who reads them may think he is still my best mate.

If I had put a date on the posts, people reading it in, say, 10 years time, would at least know that Dave was my best mate 10 years ago but might not be now.

The above is just a silly example but the point is that if information is prominently dated, I immediately know when it was relevant and can decide if it is still relevant now.

p.s. You will find the creation date and last update (date) at the bottom of every page on this website.