UKJester's "IEbad" Rant

iebad graphic

What is it I dislike about Internet Explorer?

It doesn't work properly, that's what.

It's not just me that despises all of Microsponge's attempts at creating a web browser. Every single web designer out there will have experienced similar problems. We design a website that works and looks great in every browser, then we have to write another version that looks good in Internet Explorer.
We get used to this though (we are a flexible bunch) and carry on creating killer websites whilst silently cursing the ineptitude of a multi-billion dollar company.

Microsponge then decide they need to 'update' their latest effort of a browser. Now, I'm not sure what definition of 'update' they are working with but it's not the same as mine!
Instead of bringing out a new browser that solves the problems caused by their previous version, they solve a few problems but create a whole bunch of new ones.
What this results in is web designers having to create 1 website for IE6, 1 website for IE7, 1 website for IE8 and 1 website for every other browser.

The problems come about because Microsponge refuse to comply to the standards that every other bowser designer follows. Microsponge must have the ability to comply to the standards as well as the other browser companies, but for some reason they just refuse to.
Don't get me wrong, the other browsers have they short comings too. It's just that they are all far more standards compliant than IE.

April 2014 - UPDATE

Internet Explorer 6 is no longer being supported by Microsoft. At last, the beast is dead!
Now we just have to wait for the gazillions of companies that still use it to catch up.